appointment schedule

Please Read Carefully Before Applying

PC MACCHINE has taken a number of precautionary measures to prevent the virus COVID-19 from spreading.

By law, you must wear a face covering when you come in our yard through with Test Standard-RT-PCR NEGATIVE in your hands.
If you have a reasonable excuse to not wear a face covering, you should to send us a documents to prove this things.

You may be asked to remove your face covering to verify your age or identity to staff.

If you do not wear a face covering (or ignore a request to wear one) without a reasonable excuse, you can be fined €160 up to €1000.
You could be fined more or sent to prison for longer, if it is your second or subsequent offence.

Required documents to confirm your appointment :

  1.  Copy ID ( or Passport )
  2.  Green PASS ( Proof of Vaccine COVID-19 )
  3.  PLF ( PLF Italia application )

should to be sent to our e-mail :

The Passenger Locator Form ( PLF ) is a travel health certificate introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now an entry requirement for passengers traveling to Italy.